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How to Get Someone to do Their Job

Personnel usually try to run a more complicated post than is necessary. It is a natural instinct to complicate something which is simple. Therefore, the simplicities of the post, its purposes and goals, must be observed at all times in any smoothing or rearrangement of the post. 

For example, it took three full days in one instance to put the Membership hat on a personnel. The personnel was willing—and you will discover that nearly all personnel are—wanted to get the job done, and was perfectly happy with the routine of the job. But—for three full days this personnel attempted to complicate the job of Membership, rearrange it or twist it about in some fashion so that it was more or less unworkable.

This personnel could not understand the simplicity of the Membership routine until an executive had spent three full working days with him. At the end of that time it was possible to have good membership response and good membership handling. This condition continued from there on. 

If the executive in this case had simply said, “Well, this fellow is stupid” and if the executive had become impatient, the Membership job never would have gotten done. 

It required good ARC, it required good patience. If an executive doesn’t have three full days to spend putting on such a hat or if he cannot have in the next four or five weeks the equivalent time of those three full days, then he is never going to have a Membership hat worn promptly and properly for the simple reason that the personnel available to him is the personnel available to him. 

He should not think that he is going to get out of the brow of Jove,* springing fully armed, perfect personnel. 

It is amazing, the confusion of many personnel on their post, particularly on a new job. They are being asked to understand the whole working principle of the organization at one gulp, as far as they are concerned. 

They cannot see their role, they cannot see how they fit into the scheme of things, they cannot see where their communication lines are going or what they are supposed to do. The executive, of course, being able to understand this, nevertheless has no license to do anything whatsoever but straighten up the post and get the hat worn straight and get the work done. 

L. Ron Hubbard
From Article 27 August 1958

* Jove refers to Jupiter, the supreme god of the Roman pantheon, also called Zeus in Greek mythology. "To get out of (or spring from) the brow of Jove" refers to something that appears out of nowhere, as if by divine magic. In Greek mythology, the goddess Athena "sprang fully armed from the brow of Zeus." (Collins Dictionary/Wikipedia)

Message from the Executive Director

What is the common denominator to all the most successful WISE members?

Every year, at the International Scientology New Year’s celebration, three WISE members are selected and the stories told of their extraordinary success through the implementation of the Hubbard Management System. Last year’s featured members were amazing, no question, but haven’t they all been, year after year?

One thing struck me this time, though, and thinking back, I realized: Every featured member, every year, shows dedicated work on the part of the member to train their staff!

While this is hardly surprising when you think about it, it is an interesting battle sometimes to get the members convinced that they should train their employees, ALL of them, and NOW!

A business is never “too small to train”. Are you supposed to wait until you are large and chaotic before you start training staff? Check it out for yourself: model WISE members who have built large and influential companies and have been able to create an ideal life for themselves have made staff training a priority.

Too often it is said to me “you can’t find good employees these days”. My response is: do you know how to make good employees?

The answer is training.

Mr. Hubbard wrote in an article dated 22 September 1970:

“COPE means to handle whatever comes up. In the dictionary it means ‘to deal successfully with a difficult situation.’ We use it to mean ‘to handle any old way whatever comes up, to handle it successfully and somehow.’


In other words, don’t think you are going to get out of cope by coping more - you get out of cope by organizing, by hatting, by training your employees.

This is the one and only secret to not only achieving financial success, which is really not that hard, but having a life as well, which seems to be tougher.

We have created and released the simplest staff training program ever; the FastTrack Basic Staff Training videos produced through Effective Management and available online. Any member, any size business, can now train their staff with the click of a button, and very inexpensively!

Click the phone number below for a free demonstration. You have nothing to lose, and your ideal life to gain.

Good Luck!

Quentin Strub
Executive Director WISE EUS

Staff Training - The Key to Competence

Employee training is one of the most fundamental steps to take in your business. There is a maxim that the most expensive mistakes in business are personnel mistakes. Just this fact alone can cost your business not only its income, but also its reputation. Yes, good personnel may be hard to find but this can be overcome by training your staff and making them familiar with your company’s basic structure as well as the fundamentals of management, organization and inter-office relations.

It’s not easy to replace the trusted executive who has been working in your company for decades and knows every bit about it. It CAN be made easier when you have trained your personnel and, in a matter of just weeks, they know the organizational basics inside out and become trusted, reliable and more productive.

FastTrack Online Training is the answer. With a complete program of online training videos, you can teach your executives and employees the basics of management, executive leadership, PR and Marketing.

The information in the Basic Staff Training series will train your staff for you. All you need to do is sit them down in front of a computer, log on and let the series do the rest of the work. Your staff simply watch a video a day and do the corresponding workbook lesson and at the end of 35 days your staff will have a whole new understanding of business management.

+1 (855) 775-5100 today for a free demonstration!

"This is hands-down the fastest way I've ever had at my disposal to teach LRH Admin Tech to my staff who know none of it. It's so easy. After they watch a module 2 or 3 times, they talk like I do. Everyone is on the same page!"

Don't Miss Our Next Webinar!

On Tuesday, 20 February we will be airing our next webinar with special guest Dan Brown who will tell you how to keep up with today's consumer market and profit from its advantages.

What worked 5 to 10 years ago doesn't work anymore today. Nothing changes faster than consumer habits and purchase decisions. Right now, it's no longer manufacturer advertising that determines purchase decisions - 76% of Americans purchase through peer recommendations on social media. You will learn:

  • How to keep up with the market and consumer decisions
  • How to get your company "current" and set your own trends
  • Plus: What are the 5 things you can do with your staff to beat the competition right now.

Local chapters of WISE members are called “Effective Management Associations” or “EMAs” for the purpose of disseminating to new public, and sponsor local meetings and seminars. These webinars give you a glimpse into the EMA experience. Register HERE today and start your journey!

"This webinar was exactly what I needed to solve a pressing problem in my business today!" - C.A.

"Thank you for sharing this video with WISE members, it definitely helped me. Onward & Upward towards the future! Now I truly feel like my future IS endlessly beautiful - because I have the training/the tech with me." - J.H.

Meet the Experts and Learn From Their Success at the WISE Entrepreneurs Convention!

This three-day conference brings together WISE members and entrepreneurs from around the globe to learn proven strategies from world-class international speakers—the top WISE consultants and business trainers on the planet. They will share their successful applications of the Admin Tech—and show you exactly what they do to boom enterprises all over the world.

We also have sessions with seasoned award-winning WISE entrepreneurs who are coming to give their stories—and share with you how they do it.

This is the Admin Tech in full blown live application and will expand your concept of BIG THINK by many orders of magnitude—and bring instant visual application to everything you’ve learned at this convention. You rarely—if ever—get a chance to take advantage of this much talent and experience in one place—at one time.

The Hubbard College of Administration is located on College Row in Los Angeles, California and is hosting the annual WISE International Entrepreneurs Convention.

28 February - 3 March 2018
Los Angeles, CA
Hubbard College of Administration

Seating is limited and this event will sell out fast.


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