What is WISE? | World Institute of Scientology Enterprises

The goal of WISE is an ethical, sane and prosperous civilization. Through our work, we are returning to business the values and ethical standards upon which it was founded: honesty, integrity, craftsmanship, rewards for productivity, commitment to the prosperity of entire communities and nations.

We disseminate the administrative works of renowned author and philosopher L. Ron Hubbard to use in organizational, professional and private endeavors. The product of more than three decades of research, piloting and codification, this body of knowledge is the world's most comprehensive system of management and represents the first true technology of management.

WISE is an international membership organization whose members use both L. Ron Hubbard management technology and embrace the responsibilities and ethical standards of WISE membership.

WISE International and its offices cultivate the WISE membership in areas around the world, providing a range of benefits, publications and services to guide members in their use of L. Ron Hubbard management technology. WISE offices license all use of L. Ron Hubbard management technology in the business world.

Membership in WISE is a commitment to improving the quality of life for all in the workplace and society in general. Our two greatest assets are the uniform workability of L. Ron Hubbard's organizational and management principles, and the dedication of our members.

At WISE, we are dedicated to the prosperity of businesses worldwide and here in the Eastern United States, our office is dedicated to helping businesses from the Mississippi River to the Eastern Seaboard.

Success and prosperity are within reach of every business if they apply proven management procedures and technology. The Hubbard Management System provides standard procedures to manage a business that if applied as laid out gets certain results.

In this website you will find out more about WISE EUS, its members and the tools that WISE can provide for your business growth. From organizational and personnel management know-how, to marketing and sales tools, there is a wealth of information available.

About our Services

Located in the heart of Manhattan, the WISE EUS office is dedicated to servicing its members in the Eastern United States. WISE EUS offers many services for its members. These include:
  • Conventions with renowned speakers, hatting and drilling
  • Free webinars by experts of the Hubbard Management System
  • Newsletters and business handling checklists
  • Implementation programs such as the famous Model Of Admin Know-How programs
  • Materials for staff training
  • WISE member meetings for assistance and networking
  • Online WISE directory for business networking
  • Dispute resolution and mediation services
  • Free prosperity planner
  • Free policy referrals
  • Free business analysis and programming
  • Legal basics checklists for hiring and handling of employees
  • Regular mailings of secularized policies
  • And more!

We are here to help your business expand and look forward to hearing from you. As you browse this website you will find out more about many of the tools referenced above.

Become a WISE Member today and start your route to prosperity!

"I believe that to command is to serve and only gives one the right to serve."
L. Ron Hubbard

I could not be more honored than to have had the privilege of assisting the business community, and especially those business owners reaching to learn and apply Mr. Hubbard's extraordinary management system, for now over two decades. Whether it is assisting someone with starting a new enterprise, or helping some of the most powerful and successful business owners in our group, or guiding someone by directing them to the correct LRH reference that will resolve their problem, and then watching the results in terms of that member's prosperity and happiness across the dynamics, it has got to be one of the most satisfying "jobs" there is.

Involving myself in WISE East US’s current runaway expansion excites me for that very reason — we are magnifying our effects!  That’s more business owners' getting help through better implementation of Mr. Hubbard’s incredible body of work. With the current economy clearly under no one’s control (though various mal-intended clearly are attempting that control, and not for very worthy reasons), that’s pretty good news!

Many members perceive that the WISE membership is the bulwark against the continued incursion of insane economic policies and actions. They see in LRH administrative technology and the tightknit group we have formed the way to survive and expand in any economy; good or bad. But we are much more than that. The WISE membership is a movement, an infusion of ethics and sanity into the business world that is, factually, bringing about a new and better way of doing business and stronger, more prosperous communities.

This website has a lot to offer members and non-WISE members alike. For the non-members, there’s a lot of free stuff like articles, newsletters and videos, that can help you directly and also give you some taste of the many benefits WISE membership offers. There is also a free business analysis form that you can fill out which will entitle you to a free evaluation from one of our professionals so you can see what needs to be worked on to make you a howling success, and indeed, what your strengths are as well!

For the members, this website is a gold mine. Virtually ALL of your benefit tools can be found in this website, plus more being added all the time!!

Member or not, I hope you enjoy and make good use of this website!  And for those of you who are not yet members, I hope sincerely that you will see enough value here that you will join us in our movement for mutual prosperity and for ethics and sanity in the business world!

Good Luck

Quentin Strub
Executive Director WISE East US