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While WISE is a uniting membership association of entrepreneurs of every kind that use the extraordinary management system discovered and delineated by L. Ron Hubbard, it itself is made of many “sub-groups”. New groups open up all the time, and thanks to them, WISE is BOOMING!!

Hubbard Colleges of Administration are licensed and accredited schools of higher learning granting degrees and continuing education in the Hubbard
management system.

EMA Training Center- Born from the needs of the local and vertical EMAs to have a central training organization to service members, their friends and associates, no matter where they are located, a non-profit was formed as an online and remote service provider. EMA Training Center now delivers brilliant online training and “flying academies” to service anyone with training in the Hubbard management system anywhere, anytime.

EMA Regional Groups - these are the “local chapters” of WISE, united for the purpose of networking, assisting one another in the implementation of the Hubbard
management system, and disseminating its use into their local community.

By profession, industry or heritage- these are largely “national” associations united by a common industry and are referred to as “vertical EMAs”. Examples are groups such as “EMA Builders” for those in the construction industry, “EMA PT” for those in Physical Therapy, “EMA en Espanol” for Spanish entrepreneurs, etc. Their purposes are like those of the “local” EMAs except that they are bringing Mr. Hubbard’s solutions to their profession as opposed to a local community.

With the pandemic, members of WISE were seeking a social media platform to connect with one another to share successful actions in dealing with the lockdowns. This has now become a growing, going concern.