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Our Members

Possibly the greatest, and largely unspoken, benefit of WISE membership is the privilege of association with the most ethical and productive Scientologists in the business world. Case study after case study has proven beyond doubt, networking with the best in the WISE membership has a very positive effect on one’s own business and quality of life.

Patrick Clouden, CEO of Consumer Energy Solutions (CES).

Rafferty Pendery, owner of tech giant Studio 98,.

Members in Action

Through national and international conventions, meetings, workshops and seminars, the WISE membership stays connected as an important force in society, forwarding the purposes of WISE. New members get to know existing members, successes are shared and accomplishments are awarded, while lifelong friendships and successful partnerships are formed - in short, everyone wins!


Dr. Daniel Margolin is the owner of New Jersey Foot and Ankle Center in Oradell, NJ, which has treated more than 35,000 patients since opening in 1987. Dr. Margolin is also founder and co-owner of Effective Management, a business consulting and resource center.

Running a business with the Hubbard Management System is a joyful and fulfilling adventure. It is an adventure in which you are in control – you determine the expansiveness of your visions and you have the confidence to turn that vision into reality.

Craig Jensen is a computer programmer and founder and chairman of Condusiv Technologies, the 12th oldest independent software company in the world. Under its original name Executive Software, the company appeared on Inc Magazine’s list of the 500 fastest growing private companies for four years in a row.

When I look for business solutions, I go for the best with the same spectacular results I expect from my business.  The Hubbard Management System does that – and more!

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Membership Benefits

Members receive important benefits, ranging from free webinars, step-by-step guides and tutorials and basic training courses, to full blown management training at the degree-granting Hubbard College of Administration in Los Angeles, CA.


Networking with other businesses and entrepreneurs is a vital element in expending one's own or business communication lines. Finding common ground for expansion is a key element to create a prosperous business.


Through WISE Chapters and local EMA offices, WISE members are able to connect with other WISE Members, train their employees and pursue business opportunities.

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