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What is the EMA?

The New Generation of Networking & Management Training

The WISE membership is organized into local chapters called “Effective Management Associations” or “EMAs”.  Under the banner of WISE, EMAs  focus on uniting  and training business executives, entrepreneurs, rising senior managers and employees at every level with the proven methods, insights and resources to grow their business consistently, year after year. For more information, visit

EMA Training Programs

One of the biggest problems an executive can face is how to build an effective team of people who care for the company and share the same passion for its goals. From small businesses to large corporations, it all stands or falls with the people who make the company what it is. Motivated people are probably the most important asset of any company while, on the other hand, absenteeism, lack of motivation and revolving-door-employment are among the top 5 problems in our economy. Through decades of experience, we have seen that there is only one solution that deals with all of the above - TRAINING.

While many companies have their own in-house training programs, these are often too tailored to their specific activities, such as banks offering training programs in banking procedures or supermarket chains like Walmart conducting employee training in customer service. Mostly, human resources departments are looking for employees who are already trained and have MBAs or other specialized schooling. Yet they will tell you right off that "good people are hard to find" or "how do I know this person will fit into our team." So it seems that neither degrees nor diplomas will guarantee you get the right person for the job - someone who shares your vision for the company.

What seems to be missing is an understanding of the basics of organization - any organization. The basic principles of teamwork, communication lines and flows, conditions of operation, employee duties and performance and how these apply to your company, are fundamentals that aren't learned and are expected to come through "experience." But who wants to wait ten years for an employee or executive to build up such experience and underperform in the meantime?

What if such an employee or executive could be trained, right now, in these basic principles and perform accordingly? And what if all employees and executives in your company would be on the same page in regards your goals, plans and activities?

The EMA offers several training programs, depending on the depth of the offered training materials. In a matter of weeks your staff can be trained on the entire spectrum of business administration, including organization, sales, marketing, client relations, human resources, finance and statistical management. They will learn what makes a business grow and how to contribute to the company's goals. They will take their part in the overall operation and perform on the same principles as everyone else. In other words, this is the way to build a team you can rely on.

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Live Seminars

The best way to get introduced to the Hubbard Management System is through live seminars, learning from those who have walked your road and negotiated the barriers you have faced through a combination of their experience and their hard-won knowledge. Seminars are held monthly at the regional EMA locations and in conventions held around the country. They focus on the most important fundamentals, one topic at a time. They are free or low cost, and always valuable, no matter the level of training of the participants.

Online Training

Through workshops and e-training, business professionals keep abreast of the ever changing commercial climate and find solutions to stay prosperous, regardless of the economy. EMA training involves hands-on workshops, educational videos, workshops and online training programs in all aspects of organization and management. Based on the Hubbard Management System, the EMA training programs produce proven results and have helped thousands of others by dramatically increasing production and profitability.

Excellent Results

In the final analysis, it's the results that count. And on that front, the Effective Management Association has plenty to show. Entrepreneurs doubling the size of their businesses, dramatically increasing their sales and reaching the top 100 of their industry ar no exception - they are the norm. Read what executives and business leaders like yourself are saying about the results of adopting the Hubbard Management System in their business!