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Precise Steps To Help Your Business Succeed!

Organizing Board

The Organizing Board shows the pattern of organizing to obtain a product. It’s the stable datum for any business - whether you have 3 staff or 100,000. It shows all positions in the company and their relationship to one another. With the specific products for each position clearly defined, the company will operate right on its purpose like a well-oiled machine!


Communication is the central nervous system for any company. Guided, smooth flowing communication lines will direct company traffic to the correct employees and result in a stress-free and productive work place. Communication is so important, that your company cannot exist without it. It's the back bone of good, working relationships and happy customers.

Staff Training

Employee training is the heart and soul of a successful business. Having a trained team is a major asset and a fail-proof formula for success! As a Company or Corporate Member you can train your staff on a great number of Hubbard College Courses and workshops, as well as the new EMA online courses delivered by the Effective Management Associations.

Management by Statistics

The most direct observation in an organization is statistics. These tell the true story of your production. They measure what is done (and what isn’t). They predict future slumps or successes and, well managed, can lead the company into higher and higher levels of profitability. Every post, department, division and your overall company should have statistics to measure productivity.

Financial Viability

Carefully planned financial management will result in a business that’s not only solvent, but expanding at a steady rate. Being able to comfortably cover expenses is part and parcel of financial planning - knowing where to invest the funds for more production and expansion and how to economize on expenses  can bring your company into the financial stratosphere.


A reference library for your employees that contains the basics of the Hubbard Management System as well as your company’s know-how, is more than worth the investment. It gives your employees the opportunity to refresh their knowledge and improve their skills. A well-stocked library is vital asset for every business and a must to keep the business operating on agreed upon policies!

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"The Model of Admin Know-How tools give people an exact program to manage everything from their Stats and Org Board, to Conditions and Admin Scales. 

"We have been using this tool very successfully in our own company and to the degree that we implemented the Model of Admin Know-How program , we have exponentially grown. Evidence is in the stats. We have expanded more than 30X and we are just getting started!" - Rafferty Pendery, CEO of Studio 98

"For the 13th year in a row, we continue to apply the Model of Admin Know-How (MAKH)  program.  In applying this program we have continued to experience an overall increase in production as well as a better team of employees. The organization enjoys more structure having it in place. Our stats are proof of it. Thanks so much for giving us this wonderful program!" - Carmen Rodriguez, Executive Director, Mainstreet Veterinarians

"Running a business with staff and clients can sometimes make you feel bogged down, tired and frustrated. However, since putting in the basics of LRH admin tech into our company we have become much more prosperous with far less effort and almost no upset.  That lets us focus on delivering great service to our clients and work toward accomplishing the purpose of our business.  The bottom line is that the Model of Admin Know How Program takes the worry out of business and makes it as fun and as exciting as it was the first day we opened." - John Nesbit, CEO  Customer Factory