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Wise Charters & Chapters


WISE is a membership organization with a purpose to unite all organizations of whatever kind that use the administrative principles of Mr. Hubbard for improving their own organizations and society at large.

Its membership is divided into geographical “regions.” The responsibility and authority for administering the membership in a given region is bestowed through the assignment of a “charter” to a group of at least three WISE members verified to be of unimpeachable ethical standards and proven track record as businesspersons. These groups are known as “WISE Charter Committees”. The word charter is defined in the Encarta Dictionary as: “An authorization from a central organization to establish a local branch or chapter.”

A local branch or chapter of WISE is called an Effective Management Association or “EMA”.

The purpose of the Effective Management Organization is: TO HELP BUILD A BETTER WORLD THROUGH BUILDING BETTER BUSINESSES.

welcome3Why Effective Management Organizations?

Building and managing a business is a skill that is vital to the continued success of your company. In this society, one no longer can sail along, hoping for the “big break” that may never come. You can change the future of your business, starting today, by learning the basic principles of managing and marketing your company. EMA centers across the country offer orientation courses to give you the foundation of building a prosperous and successful business.

How about getting trained by executives who themselves have built successful businesses? That’s the dream of many a small business owner – to learn all the “tricks of the trade” and do what they did to stay profitable, regardless of the economy. The Effective Management Association has gathered a circle of management experts who deliver seminars and training sessions to small and medium sized business owners who want to grow their business and create more stable revenue.

Starting is Simple! Find or call the EMA office near you  or sign up for any of the seminars listed on this website. Enroll and start your journey to success! Thousands before you have taken this step and have are now reaping the results of their training. Their testimonials say it all.

EMA offices are available throughout the country. With trained entrepreneurs who themselves run successful businesses, these Effective Management Associations can help and guide you to become as successful as they are! Call the EMA office nearest to you, or come by to check it out. You will find like-minded people who have a full understanding of the situations you run into as an executive and manager.  [clearboth]




Whether you’re a CEO, business owner or sole proprietors, you know that it takes guts, vision and determination to run a business. That’s where the Effective Management Association comes in. We believe that, given the right tools, EVERY business can soar – despite the economy! So how about yours? [/one_third]


Our focus is to unite proven business executives, entrepreneurs, rising senior managers and employees at every level with workable methods, insights and resources to grow your business consistently, year after year. This is your opportunity to learn from the best how to become the best.[/one_third]


Every business professional is welcome to the EMA. After all, success isn’t determined by management alone. It takes a unified purpose at every single level and a strong, ambitious work force to take your business to prosperity. Our business models help you accomplish that, and more!  [/one_third_last] [clearboth]





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