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Tools to Make Your Business Grow

The Objective

  • Prosperous and expanding businesses founded on comprehensive management principles as fundamental and reliable as the laws of physics
  • Success that is monitored only by the willingness to learn and energetically apply these principles: The Hubbard Management System.
  • A new breed of entrepreneurs whose success is measured not only by their wealth and influence, but the quality of the lives they lead and the positive impact they create on the world around them.

The Challenge

  • To bring this system to a simplicity that can be implemented in any business, any size, at any point of decay or growth, with rapid results.
  • To create tools and benefits such as enable a busy entrepreneur to easily learn and implement the Hubbard Management System®.
  • To create an association of peers for friendship, sharing success and aligning vectors for a better world.

The Solution

  • A membership association with the purpose of “Uniting of all organizations of whatever kind that use L. Ron Hubbard’s technology for administrative and commercial and improvement purposes.”
  • This is WISE - The World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, a network of successful entrepreneurs united by their study and use of the Hubbard Management System and a commitment to ethics and a better world.
  • Step-by-step directions which align learning and innovative benefits to ensure implementation: The Model of Admin Know-How® program.

The Model of Admin Know-How Program — Tools to Succeed in Your Business

Join the Thousands Who Are Booming Their Companies With the Model of Admin Know How Program!

Put the basic key administrative tools into your business by putting in the Model of Admin Know program. With these basic administrative tools you have the grounding to expand your business. The Model of Admin Know-How workbook gives step by step instructions to get the Model of Admin Know-How in. Here's how...

Results Matter

"When I look for business solutions, I go for the best with the same spectacular results I expect from my business.  The Hubbard Management System does that – and more!"

Craig Jensen, Chairman/Founder, Condusiv Technologies

"As a result of using just one aspect of Mr. Hubbard’s administrative technology, we have been nominated as a Top Work Place in Tampa Bay for 4 years in a row, and 2016 has been our most prosperous year yet. So my advice? Try it – you won’t be disappointed!"

Pat Clouden, CEO , Consumer Energy Solutions (CES)

"The long term benefits of implementing various Hubbard Management System principles have been growth and understanding how to grow. And it actually works!"

Joy Gendusa, CEO, Postcard Mania

"I have traveled the world to train tens of thousands of people on the Hubbard Management System and have seen those same results over and over again. It became my passion and dedication, so I can highly recommend it!"

Patrick Valtin, Founder, New Era Management International
Become a Member. Join WISE!

“An organization consists of coordinated purposes, lines and terminals. That is all it consists of.”  - L. Ron Hubbard, ORGANIZATIONAL BASICS

The backbone of the Hubbard Management System is the 7 Division Organizing Board; a system of organization that can be applied to any business and shows up immediately points of strength and weakness.   WISE members become maestros, playing their organization like a piano.

“Statistics are the only sound measure of any production or any job or any activity. These tell of production. They measure what is done.” - L. Ron Hubbard,  BASIC MANAGEMENT TOOLS

You cannot diagnose an organization without pure and reliable indicators, any more than you can diagnose a car without gauges. Statistics are what are used to assess personnel and analyze the cause of any situation in a business, good or bad. WISE members become expert in interpreting them and knowing the exact steps to take to raise them.

“A first action for an executive or any terminal is to demand CORRECT COMMUNICATION.” L. Ron Hubbard, CORRECT COMMUNICATION

Without smooth, elegant and efficient communication lines and systems, time and money, those almighty commodities that all seek, and few find enough of, pour out of an organization like water through a sieve. WISE members quickly develop reputations for fast, friendly and competent efficiency and service derived from the communications systems and disciplines they learn from WISE.

“The first rule of Finance and any activity is INCOME GREATER THAN OUTGO.” - L. Ron Hubbard, FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT

While it is not the only measure, success has to include finance, and finance includes how to make it and how to spend it so one makes more.  Sales and marketing are common headaches for the entrepreneur, but so is wondering where the money goes.   The Hubbard Management System teaches the WISE member to do both, and the hallmark is total abundance and consequently extraordinary philanthropy.

“What is wrong and what causes overwork and despair is that the staff-type persons serving the high-level people are not trained or organized to handle the abundance of action.”  - L. Ron Hubbard, FUNDAMENTALS OF ADMINISTRATION

Employee training is the heart and soul of a successful business. Having a trained team is a major asset and a fail-proof formula for success! As a WISE Company or Corporate Member you can train your staff on a great number of <u, courses and workshops.

"It's not man's dreams that fail him. It is the lack of know-how to bring those dreams into actuality" - L. Ron Hubbard, THE KEY INGREDIENTS

A reference library for your employees that contains the basics of the Hubbard Management System as well as your company’s know-how, is more than worth the investment. It gives your employees the opportunity to refresh their knowledge and improve their skills. A vital asset for every business!