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Statistics show that the overwhelming majority of today’s new businesses will no longer exist after five years. Whether the result of unintelligent marketing, poor planning and organization or utterly nonsensical finance, many new companies do not make it past even their first anniversary of operation.

If today’s businesses and governments could learn and competently apply the basic principles and natural laws that form the foundation of real organization and true administration, they would enact workable solutions to solve this economic chaos.

It was from that view that WISE was established in 1979 with the purpose of making L. Ron Hubbard’s Administrative Technology broadly known and widely used throughout the world—providing mankind with solutions for making sane and prosperous groups.

WISE  is a membership organization made up of entrepreneurs, business executives and professionals from every corner of every continent on Earth. WISE serves to unite all individuals and organizations that use the Hubbard Administrative Technology in the world of commerce. Committed to learning and applying the natural principles of production and exchange in a proven, well-established and systematic manner, WISE members address the very infrastructure of business today. The end result is increased prosperity and economic stability for small businesses, communities, corporations and, indeed, entire nations.



WISE Eastern United States, headed by Executive Director Mr. Quentin Strub, is the office that cares for its members  and dedicated to helping businesses from the Mississippi River to the Eastern Seaboard.

Our members include management trainers and consultants licensed to use the Hubbard Management System, a codified and organized body of technology . They are trained to troubleshoot any activity and lay in the administrative infrastructure to bring solutions, viability and growth to businesses and organizations seeking to survive and expand.


Our Activities

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The Hubbard Management System

“It is not Man’s dreams that fail him,” declared L. Ron Hubbard. “It is the lack of know-how required to bring those dreams into actuality.” For that reason and that reason alone, “Whole nations, to say nothing of commercial firms or societies or groups, have spent decades in floundering turmoil.”

The consequences stare back at us as headlines every day: crippling deficits, onerous taxation, failing businesses and, even in an ostensibly prosperous United States, some forty million people live below the poverty line. It is not for nothing, then, that Mr. Hubbard further declared: “Man’s happiness and the longevity of companies and states apparently depend upon organizational know-how.”

If one genuinely understood how individuals best function—their needs, aspirations and the source of their failings—one would naturally understand how groups of individuals best function. Such was the stance from which L. Ron Hubbard addressed the problems of how we cooperate with others—not with administrative gimmicks or authoritarian decrees, but with a uniquely compassionate view of groups as individuals united in a common purpose.

In all, Mr. Hubbard spent more than three decades developing and codifying the administrative policies by which companies and organizations function. Central to his body of administrative technology stands the Organization Executive Course, a 7-volume study comprising the whole of administration. These volumes provide the theory and particulars of every working facet in an organization — from hiring personnel to the ethical conduct of employees, from promotion to production standards, quality control and more. These policies are derived from the fundamental laws governing all human behavior and thus constitute an entire administrative body of knowledge.

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